5 Smart Packing Tips for Travel with an Ostomy

You’ve checked off everything on your travel checklist. So, now it’s time to pack your ostomy supplies and anything else you need. Do it the right way with these smart tips. 

5 Smart Packing Tips for Travel with an Ostomy

Learn how to pack for a worry-free trip.

You’ve prepared for your trip and checked off some essential to do’s. So, now it’s time to pack, but you’re not sure what to do about your stoma supplies. Pack with confidence by following these simple and smart tips.  

Smart tip #1 – Divide and conquer: Divide the items you will need. Keep some in your carry-on bag. Put the rest in the luggage that you check in with the airline, or in the baggage of a travelling companion. Then, if one of the bags is lost, you’ll still have supplies available in the other. For most trips, you’ll want to pack double the supplies you need. If you're going on a cruise, you may want to pack more. 

Smart tip #2 – Keep calm and carry-on: Pack enough supplies for your short-term needs in your carry-on luggage. That way, you have them within easy reach for a quick change. Put them in a separate, small travel kit to make visits to the toilet fast, simple and discreet. 

Smart tip #3 – Be a cut above: Some airlines don’t allow scissors on the aircraft, even for ostomy products. So, if you use a cut-to-fit skin barrier, be sure you have enough barriers cut ahead of time so that you have them on hand before reaching your destination. You can pack your scissors in your checked luggage. Check with your airline, as well as with your country’s government travel agency (e.g. the Transportation Security Administration in the United States).

Smart tip #4 – Stay cool: Ostomy products need to be kept cool in transit. When travelling by car in warm and humid climates, do not keep your supplies in a hot boot or glove compartment. It’s best to put them in a cooler. Also, read the manufacturer’s product storage guidelines. When you get to your destination, look for a cool spot for your supplies, such as a bathroom floor cupboard (if it’s not too steamy). 

Smart tip #5 – Keep it clean: You can use normal household items to dispose of your used ostomy pouches. Include toilet paper in your travel kit for wrapping up used pouches. Pack scented nappy disposal bags or freezer bags to make discarding them simple and discreet. Also pack moist wipes to clean up any accidents or to wash your hands if running water isn’t available.