About Us

An independent, employee-owned healthcare company

In Service to the Global Community

Hollister Incorporated is an independent, employee-owned company that develops, manufactures, and markets healthcare products and services worldwide.

We offer advanced medical products for Ostomy Care, which includes two strong global brands – Hollister Ostomy and Dansac Ostomy; Continence Care; and Critical Care. We also provide innovative healthcare programs and services, as well as educational materials for patients and healthcare professionals.

Hollister has been serving healthcare professionals and patients for 100 years — making a difference in the journey of life for people throughout the global community.


Our Mission

To make life more rewarding and dignified for the people who use our products and services.
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Our Vision

To grow and prosper as an independent, employee-owned company and in the process become better human beings.


Our Immutable Principles

The Immutable Principles are timeless guideposts that define what it means to be a Hollister Associate. We strive to embody these qualities in our actions as individuals and as a company.

Dignity of the Person

Our employees, indeed all people, have dignity and intrinsic value independent of the work they do. Hollister treats its Associates, and we treat each other, with respect.

We vigilantly strive to meet the needs of those who use our products and services. In the process, we make life more rewarding for them and we ourselves become better human beings.


We serve those who use our products and services, our other customers, each other, and our communities, all with humility, compassion, and perseverance.


Integrity is at the heart of how we do business. At Hollister, the ethical way is the only way. We are open and truthful, treat others justly, and do the right thing even when it is difficult.


We have been entrusted with an independent and employee-owned company. As stewards of that trust, we are guided by the policies and principles of our founder, John Dickinson Schneider, to ensure that Hollister continues in perpetuity as independent and employee owned and that as the company grows and prospers, it remains financially strong.  We make decisions based on the long-term best interests of the company and live by John Dickinson Schneider's motto:  "Only first class is good enough."