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Adapt CeraRing Barrier Rings

Adapt CeraRing barrier rings are infused with ceramide. Ceramides, a natural component of the skin, help protect the skin’s moisture barrier and help prevent water loss that may lead to damage and dryness. Adapt CeraRings can be used to fill in or caulk uneven skin contours near the stoma to create a flatter surface and help prevent ostomy drainage from getting under the ostomy barrier.

  • Not made with natural rubber latex

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Stock Number HCPCS Size Width (Metric) Order Quantity
8805 A4385 48 mm
4.5 mm Box of 10
8815 A4385 48 mm
2.3 mm Box of 10
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How to Use Adapt CeraRing Barrier Rings

Prior to use, be sure to read the Instructions for Use for information regarding Intended Use, Contraindications, Warnings, Precautions, and Instructions.