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Whether you're wondering about neurogenic bladder, how the urinary system works, or what an intermittent catheter is these resources are for you. Here, you'll find answers to lifestyle questions, learn what's new, and discover lots of information that will help you live well.

Living With a Neurological Condition

You have lots of questions after a spinal cord injury or other neurological conditions. We can help you learn to adapt and live a full life while using an intermittent catheter.

Supporting Bladder Health

It's important to protect your bladder and keep it healthy so you don't have to put off doing what you want to do because you're sick or uncomfortable.

Understanding Intermittent Catheterisation

An intermittent catheter is used to empty your bladder on a regular basis. This device has great benefits for helping you stay active.

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View articles and videos related to all continence care topics.

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