Healthy Skin Should Be the Rule, Not the Exception

The skin around a stoma should look like the skin anywhere else on your abdomen.

58% of people with ostomies report redness, 46% report burning, and 39% report pain or soreness around their stoma.

People with ostomies believe skin issues are primarily caused by adhesive tearing their skin and by leakage.

Most common causes of leakage under an ostomy skin barrier are a poorly fitted barrier, improper application, and excess movement and sweating.

This is what healthy peristomal skin looks like

The skin around the stoma should be intact without irritation, rash, or redness. A properly fitting skin barrier protects skin from being irritated or damaged by stoma drainage. The right formulation of ingredients in a skin barrier helps prevent ostomy skin problems from the start.


Damaged skin around the stoma can look red, raw, and irritated, and feel sore. If the opening of the pouching system is too large or doesn't adhere well, drainage from the stoma can damage the skin.
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Damaged and irritated

Damage and irritation beneath the skin barrier can be caused by too-frequent barrier changes or a barrier formulation that isn't well-suited for your skin. Leakage and excess moisture is also a cause.
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What are the most common misconceptions about skin problems?

What percentage of people experience itchy skin around their stoma?