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List of Terms

Words you may have heard, explained simply and clearly.

Closed pouch
A pouch without an opening at the bottom. Quick and easy to discard. It must be removed to be emptied.

An ostomy (surgical opening) created in the colon, part of the large intestine.

ComfortWear (pouch) panels
ComfortWear (pouch) panels provide a soft cloth between the pouch film and the skin.

Convex skin barrier
May be used when the stoma does not protrude from the abdomen. The skin barrier is shaped to press more deeply around the stoma.

Cut-to-fit skin barrier
A skin barrier that can be customised to a needed size and shape. Ideal for stomas that are not round or stomas that are still changing size.

Drainable pouch
A pouch with an opening at the bottom. An integrated closure system or plastic clamp is used to keep the pouch closed until it's time to empty it.

Lets gas but not odour out of the pouch.

The plastic ring in a two-piece ostomy system that is used to connect the skin barrier and pouch together.

Flat skin barrier
May be used when the stoma protrudes from the abdomen.

Flextend skin barrier
A synthetic skin barrier designed to be durable and the most resistant to liquid discharge. Flextend is an example of an extended wear skin barrier.

FlexWear skin barrier
A synthetic skin barrier designed to be worn more than one day. A FlexWear skin barrier is designed to be more resistant to breakdown than a SoftFlex skin barrier.

Floating flange
Type of skin barrier flange found on Hollister two-piece pouching systems that allows you to put your fingers under the skin barrier flange while attaching the pouch.

A surgically created opening in the last portion of the small intestine.

A procedure sometimes used by individuals with a colostomy to control bowel elimination. It is not for everyone with a colostomy and requires special equipment and instruction by a knowledgeable healthcare provider.

Lock 'n Roll closure
Integrated system for closing the bottom of drainable pouches. Utilises plastic interlocking fasteners to create a secure closure. Found on Moderma Flex and Conform 2 drainable pouches.

Odour-barrier pouch
An odour-barrier pouch is highly resistant to letting odours pass through the pouch film. The odour-barrier quality increases confidence when wearing a pouch.

Pre-sized skin barrier
A skin barrier that is already cut to the proper size.

SoftFlex skin barrier
A synthetic skin barrier that provides gentle adhesive attachment to the skin. SoftFlex is designed to limit skin damage with frequent removal and can be changed daily (or more often).

A surgically created opening connected to the gastrointestinal or urinary tract. Also known as an ostomy. The stoma is pink and moist and doesn't have feeling.

A surgically created opening into the urinary system; drains urine and sometimes mucus.

Urostomy pouches
Pouches with a drain valve at the bottom so urine can be emptied quickly and easily.

Wear time
Wear time is the length of time a product can be worn before failure. Wear time varies widely based upon a variety of factors.


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