Skin HEALTH Tips

Our Skin HEALTH brochure and video are valuable educational resources that will help you reinforce the importance of maintaining peristomal skin health.

Help your patients learn a simple skin care routine that can help them avoid peristomal skin complications.

As a clinician, you understand the connection between healthy peristomal skin and good quality of life.

Keeping the skin around the stoma healthy starts with a simple skin care routine including: removing the skin barrier properly, cleansing the peristomal skin, measuring the stoma, ensuring that the skin barrier is the right size, and using a ceramide-infused barrier.

We’ve developed a skin health brochure and short educational video to help your patients understand these simple steps, take good care of their peristomal skin, and live their life to the fullest.

View Skin HEALTH brochure

View Skin HEALTH video