Convexity in Ostomy Care Webinar

It can be challenging to select the right convex skin barrier for your patients with ostomies. View this webinar on how to choose the appropriate level of convexity.

As a stoma care professional, you want to give your patients the best possible care. Often, this means helping them select the right ostomy skin barrier, to ensure a secure seal, prevent leakage, and maintain peristomal skin health.

If a patient appears to need a convex skin barrier, it can be challenging to determine what level of convexity is appropriate for them. To help you make this decision, we’ve created a short, inspirational webinar called “Convexity in Ostomy Care” – presented by Yves Depaifve, MSN, RN, an Ostomy and Wound Care Nurse at Jessa Hospital in Hasselt, Belgium.

In this webinar, Yves describes the characteristics of convex ostomy skin barriers, discusses how to assess a patient’s needs, and shares two clinical case studies that highlight his experience using convexity to manage patients with ostomies.

View the “Convexity in Ostomy Care” webinar


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