Wellness Without Worry

Ways to make life better each day.


Happier days in three ways.

When stress levels are high, staying connected and informed can help. Our current global health crisis means that our regular activities have come to a halt. As we all work to adapt, we can focus on what we can control and choose three ways to have happier days.

Keep an open mind
Teleheath may currently be a preferred method for speaking with your doctor or other healthcare professional. For the safety of patients and medical staff, you may be asked to do telephone consultations or video calls instead of an in-person visit. Consider giving it a try.

Don’t suffer in silence
It is important that you still go seek medical help if you are unwell, either physically or emotionally. Don’t ignore your symptoms because you think it isn’t important because you are not showing signs of COVID-19. If you feel that you need a healthcare professional don’t wait to call.

Order products responsibly
As always, be sure to keep an eye on your supply levels. Don’t be tempted to over-order as there is no need. Your product requirements will be met. If you do have any concerns, call Customer Service and someone will be there to help. We are all in this together, so order what you need without making it difficult for others to do the same.


These self-care tips are brought to you by Sue Lennon, a respected nurse, therapist, educator, and coach with nearly three decades of experience in Oncology Nursing, including urology and stoma care. She has a passion for nurse-patient communication and understanding the 'lived experience of illness' in order to provide truly holistic care and is a frequent speaker at international workshops and conferences.