Global Marketing Manager, Ostomy

At Hollister it’s not about doing business—it’s about being of service to the people who use our products.

I worked in marketing for seven years before joining Hollister Incorporated in Japan as a product manager. When I started my career at Hollister, I spoke with leadership about my dream of joining the global marketing team. They quickly made my dream come true and I’ve been at our global headquarters now for a year. I feel I am acting as a bridge to help my colleagues understand the culture and the local marketing issues.

When I started working, my goal was to do something to give back to society. I’m able to do that at Hollister. Here we are customer-focused. We talk with clinicians to get the information we need to provide better products to patients so they can have a better quality of life. If I can support those patients, be of service, then I am doing my best.

I think the best type of associate to join Hollister would be one who can have a broad vision. We offer tremendous opportunities, freedom and creativity. Our job is never routine. Associates here have the chance to work with many different departments and move into different areas. If you’re in marketing, like me, you collaborate with finance, regulatory, research and development, and manufacturing. You’re able to learn how the company operates as a total organization. It’s important for all associates to have that desire to grow—to acquire new skills and pursue innovation.

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