Sonya Testimonial


Human Resources 

We collaborate to win. For me, collaboration took the form of people investing in my professional development.

I started at Hollister Incorporated as an associate coordinator with Secure Start services working directly with the people who use our products. Many of these people just experienced life-changing surgeries.  My job was to help them feel secure that they would continue to live active lifestyles.

While I enjoyed my role, I also wanted to explore a career in human resources. I talked to my manager and I was given the opportunity to join a project team with the function.    

Not long afterward, I moved into an entry-level recruiter position. My background working in Secure Start gave me the knowledge to talk with candidates about our products.

I’m now a senior human resources generalist supporting our operations function, which makes our products.  I appreciate even more the attention to detail that goes into every product we make.  Having worked closely with people who use our products, I know the work we all do makes a difference in the lives of others.

Not many companies support a switch in careers these days. We all collaborate to win here, but in my case, collaboration took the form of people investing my professional development. I had sponsors and supporters helping me explore new career paths. As a result, I have a rewarding career in a role where I can help others find similar opportunities.  

We Make Life More Rewarding and Dignified