Director, Continence Care Research and Development

At Hollister, we walk the walk – we don’t just talk the talk.

I joined Hollister as a research and development manager for continence care about five years ago because I had a tremendous opportunity to build a new team. However, what keeps me here is that people really do care about the company and each other. That’s been validated for me ten-fold since I’ve joined. This culture of caring makes Hollister different from the other companies where I’ve worked. 

We have more than 600 people working here in Ballina, Ireland and we’re all proud to be part of Hollister – proud it’s an independent, employee-owned company and proud it makes life-changing products for the people who need them. That sense of pride means we give our best – we go above and beyond. 

Our products aren’t what you’d call “well known” by people other than those with the conditions our products address, but they make a tremendous difference in the lives of our customers. We have many opportunities to talk directly to our customers, so they can explain what’s working and what’s not. The product’s colour, size, texture, how it fits in their hand – they all play a part in the emotional response the customer will have. We design products that have to operate well every single time and meet the emotional needs of the people who use them. At Hollister, we work for our customers every day – it’s humbling.

We Make Life More Rewarding and Dignified