World Continence Week – 17-23 June, 2024

We’re busting myths for World Continence Week

Was Intermittent Self Catheterisation (ISC) surprisingly doable for you? Have you heard any continence myths that you would like to debunk? 

Hollister is proud to be supporting World Continence Week and debunking continence and ISC myths.

We know ISC is often overlooked and that information on it is scarce. That’s why we are shedding a light on stories, thoughts, and experiences that aren’t usually discussed. We want to increase understanding of self-catheterisation and empower more people – now and in the future.

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Read stories about people who are reducing the stigma around ISC

Learn about Aoife Madden’s journey with Fowler’s Syndrome and how she’s created a community platform for other intermittent catheter users to share their experiences.

Read Aoife’s Story

Learn top ISC tips from urology nurse Corey Knott.

“I tell them to wiggle their toes as if they’re on a beach and their feet are covered in sand; take deep breaths, go slow.”

Read Corey’s Tips

Watch this video about Shaun Gash’s life journey and learn how ISC helped improve his quality of life.

Find out more about ISC

We believe that sharing knowledge about continence care is key to increasing understanding and encouraging bladder best practices. Visit our Continence Care Learning Center to learn more about bladder health, ISC, and living with a neurological condition.

Here are some resources to get you started:

Understanding Intermittent Catheterisation


Intermittent catheters are used to empty the bladder on a regular basis. They can give you the freedom to work, travel, and carry out everyday activities.


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Intermittent Catheterisation: What It Is and Other Basics

If you'll be using intermittent catheterisation to manage your bladder disorder, there is a lot to consider. Set yourself up for success by learning the basics here.


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Go with the Flow – Intermittent Catheterisation Relaxation Tips

If you are new to intermittent catheterisation, you may find the idea of catheter insertion a bit unnerving. Fortunately, there are some simple tips that can make the process easier.


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